Thursday 29 February 2024
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Lose Your Belly with Just 2 Exercise Moves

Lose Your Belly with Just 2 Exercise Moves

Carve a Sexy Core in 2 Moves

A couple of days ago, a client asked me what seemed like a pretty simple question:

What are the 2 best exercises to burn belly fat?

As you can imagine this wasn’t an easy question to answer and it took me a few minutes to really think about it using all the knowledge I had with previous clients. After some serious thinking, I came up with a pretty solid answer I think you’ll like.

So, if you can only do two exercises, these are the best two for working up a sweat, burning calories, and shredding that annoying belly fat.

Now keep in mind, this isn’t a complete workout. But a few sets of these can make a big impact on your fat loss results. If you’re tight on time or need a couple more exercises to round out your routine, give these bad boys a try…


Grab a small medicine ball or weight, and stand with your feet at hip width. Lift the ball overhead to your right, then lower into a squat as you bring the ball down to your left side, crossing your body. Immediately lift back up and repeat. Make sure you knock out the sane number of reps on each side! Need an inexpensive medicine ball – click here.

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