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The science behind ADDICTION CRAVINGS and the herbal adaptogen natural remedy that subsides the urges and squashes the “need”

Feeling triggered? Eating too much sugar, drinking too much alcohol, or using too much nicotine literally changes the brain’s chemistry, but these addictions can be replaced with natural remedies that quell the urges and replace that feeling that you “need” the crutches just to get by. Many people quit addictions, only to be dragged back into them because they get “triggered” when someone around them engages in the activity they quit, like eating sweets in front of them, drinking alcohol near them, or smoking or vaping in their vicinity.

Once addicted to sugar, alcohol, or nicotine, the human brain is wired to want it, and it would seem that there’s nothing else on the planet that can replace it, but you would be surprised. The neurotransmitter dopamine is the hormone responsible for our “feel good” chemistry, and there are ways to boost it, without using drugs, sugar, or alcohol. You don’t have to be a “repeat offender” of the addictive substances anymore, because natural remedies presented in this article are non-addictive, and come with a laundry list of health benefits. How do like “them apples?”

Dopamine teaches the brain to seek more boosts

Large surges of dopamine ‘teach’ the brain to seek more and more, but when the substance is addictive and health-damaging, the repercussions are long-term anxiety, depression, stress, mood swings, lethargy, and inability to cope without it the dopamine-boosting substance. At that point, people use alcohol, sugar, and nicotine just to feel normal, but the ‘crash’ is inevitable every time, and requires more use and abuse to temporarily escape. It’s rinse and repeat.

The addicted brain causes behavior changes that are visible in brain imaging studies, affecting memory, judgment, decision making, learning, and behavior control. The addiction creates the cravings, which can be painful, distracting, and even constant. It’s a whole-body experience with which the addicted person is quite familiar. What to do?

Get ready for the key to escaping these common addictions. No more feeling defeated. There’s a legume that grows in tropical climates. It’s been used in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries. Indigenous peoples grind up the beans, the roots, and the seeds, because they serve as a natural source of L-dopa, the precursor to natural dopamine production in the human body. Mucuna pruriens contain the most concentrated form of L-dopa on the planet. It is considered an herbal adaptogen and a superfood.

Many people have never heard of mucuna, until now. Plus, it doesn’t just boost dopamine. Mucuna protects the brain and reduces stress, according to scientific research. It’s also a mild aphrodisiac, and antioxidant, a mood elevator, and an energy booster.

Mucuna Pruriens – the Ayurvedic Herb for Ending Addiction Cravings

Traditional Ayurvedic herb mucuna pruriens has been used for thousands of years for its therapeutic qualities that provide balance to the nervous system and boost natural dopamine production in the human body, safely and effectively. Also known as the “dopamine bean” and “kapikacchu,” the beans of this herb yield the world’s most potent source of levodopa.

Taken as a dietary supplement in capsules, or mixed as a powder into beverages, mucuna pruriens can be substituted for nicotine, sugar, caffeine, or alcohol, and boost mood, energy, while balancing nerves. Incredible.

Got anxiety from trying to quit an addiction? Whether you’re addicted to sugar, alcohol, or nicotine, there’s a natural remedy available to help you escape the shackles of that addiction and reward you with sustainable health benefits.

Mucuna can uplift your mood and calm your nerves. Mucuna pruriens potent extract is available with vitamin B12 through a variety of supplements, including a functional beverage called Krave Kicker. Now you can end addiction cravings naturally without having to apply endless willpower. Let the natural remedies do the work for you, and change your lifestyle for the better, starting right now.

Special Note: This article was authored by Herbal Remedy Insider, a researcher for Krave Kicker, the manufacturer of a functional beverage that contains a natural, herbal remedy for nicotine, sugar, alcohol, and caffeine cravings. This publisher was NOT compensated in any way for carrying this article. It is not a sponsored article, but the author is receiving publicity of this news item in exchange for providing the article at no cost.

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