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8 disease signal in your urine

Many men will unconsciously have a look when pissing, in fact, this is a very good health habits. The urine is not only a normal product of metabolism of our body, but also a reaction of our health.

How many urinate every day, urinate feeling, urine color change, all of these may represent a reaction of the body, suggesting the existence of health risks.


Urine is not far

In Men’s Room often have similar prompt “a small step forward, one big step civilization”, reminding men try to pee in the urinal. For some men, they really want to pee in the “scope”, but it will be really hard for them to achive this, especially for older men, suggesting that there may be prostate hyperplasia.

With the increase of age, the various organs of the body are in the trend of shrinking, but prostate increases.

Man’s urethra is passing through prostate, the prostate hyperplasia will press urethra, cause urinate not free, not far.

Urinate flow thinning

“In the past, urinate is ease, far, and flow coarse. However, these two years, urinate flow began more and more thin?” maybe you will whisper like this. Please don’t ignore this hints from urinate, all these suggesting that there may be a benign prostatic hyperplasia. As hyperplasia prostate will be press urethra, cause urinate not free, the bladder will compensatory increase pressure at beginning, at the same time the abdomen will also increase pressure, to help the smooth urinate.

With the continuous hyperplasia of prostate, press on urethra will increasing together, bladder compensatory pressure increases. But bladder pressure increase has maximum limitation, but prostate hyperplasia is likely to continue. If not take right measures, urethral pressure increasing, the urine flow will become thin, not far, even at the end there will be not possible to urinate.


Urinate bifurcate

Urinate bifurcation has two situations: one kind of bifurcation does not happen often, probably due to anterior urethra and urethra opening temporary obstruction.

For example, the morning urinate bifurcate, that is because the overnight much urine is stored in the bladder, the bladder is in high pressure, make urethra tip changed temporarily. Sometimes after ejaculation, because some semen remains in the urethra, and cavernosa penis congestion has not completely disappeared, also can cause urinate not smooth, bifurcation occurs.

Long-term urinate bifurcate, that is a kind of disease. Expert explained, some people is suffering from urethritis, due to repeated of this urethritis, partial urethral tissue scarring after long time, cause urethral stricture, urinate bifurcation occurs and dysuria phenomenon.

During the acute urethritis, because urethral hyperaemia, swelling, increasing secretions, also can cause urinate bifurcate, must be timely treatment. Anterior urethral stones may also cause uric bifurcate.


Urinate waiting

Go to the Restroom takes 20 minutes, even half an hour, others thought he was to go to the stool, in fact just pee. Normal urination, after brain send pee order, urinate controlled sphincter will relax at once, and bladder detrusor contraction, and then urinate will happen after about 1 second, and with the positive feedback effect, detrusor contraction will increasingly to completely discharged urine one-time.

But urethral stricture (such as prostatic hyperplasia, bladder outlet obstruction) patients need to wait for some time to begin urination. This is because the bladder neck obstruction exists, and bladder sphincter and detrusor activity does not coordinate well.

When the latter is contracted, the former cannot be relaxed, if not, it will resulting in the bladder neck and urethra are not good opening, the urine cannot be discharged, but must take time to accumulate intravesical pressure, appear namely micturition symptoms of retardation. So, urinate waiting has relationship with urethra and bladder.

The urinate waiting is not a single factor formation, but psychological factors may also play an important role. Psychological factors often show as excessive stress or panic.

Urinate bubble

Many people have the tradition to see urine judge whether they are health or not, and some elderly people judge nephropathy according to urine bubble states. They think the bubble is caused by urine protein. This viewpoint is not 100% correct, and many nephropathy patients protein content in urine urination is high, the bubble will appear. But it is not necessarily a bubble urine proteinuria, high uric acid, or more concentrated urine, can also cause bubble. If you want to clear urine bubble is due to certain disease, regular hospital inspection is needed, such as urine routine check, 24 hours urine protein, urinary sediment check.



We ate some special food, may also cause the urine turns red, very “frightening”, such as the red pitaya. If excluded food factors, when your urine is red, it is hematuria. If hematuria accompanied by pain, suggesting possible infection or stone disease. If only the hematuria, without any pain, you should pay more attention, must check out whether it is caused by tumor or not.

Turbid urinate

After getting up in the morning, your find your urine is turbid, and even floating some oil. Do pay attention on this, as this is certain abnormal issue. How is this going on? Expert analysis, this may be chyluria. Much chyle in urine, because the lymphatic tube containing protein and fat lymph excreted in the urine. There may be prompted to filariasis or tuberculosis, cancer and so on, should immediately seek medical treatment or health check.

Gas urine

When your urine contains gas, this is called gas urine. The clinical common reason is to have a fistula between the urinary tract and intestinal tract, such as trauma, tumor, tuberculosis, Crohn’s disease and other diseases can cause gas urine. There are also some patients with emphysematous cystitis or emphysematous pyelonephritis caused gas urine.

Emphysematous cystitis is an inflammation of the bladder wall or the presence of gas cavity, high incidence in patients with diabetes. Emphysematous pyelonephritis is a rare fulminant infection in kidney, renal pelvis and renal all around gas, often complicated by sepsis, pyonephrosis, and necrosis. Urine except for gas, sometimes also discharged feces, food scraps, tumor parts, caseous material etc.


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