Saturday 18 May 2024
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Taco Bell Is Testing a Vegetarian Menu This Year

Ask any person who follows a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle about ordering from a fast food restaurant, and they’ll likely say it’s a bit of a chore. With several menu items scattered about a glowing overhead screen and a line of hungry people anxiously awaiting their turn to order, who’s to blame for their frustration?

Taco Bell has identified this struggle and came up with a solution: the chain just announced that select restaurants are rolling out an all-new vegetarian menu that will lay out all of the meat-free options the fast-food company has to offer, all in one place. You won’t have to pick and choose among its many menu items that you can customize to be vegetarian. Opt out of the sour cream and cheese add-ons, vegan friends, and you can take your pick, too.

To kickstart this process, Taco Bell will be running this new vegetarian menu in select restaurants over the next few months. The chain will soon be revealing its limited-time vegetarian and vegan menu options, so be on the lookout for these. As of now though, these items are being kept under wraps.

Hold on, I thought the Taco Bell menu already offered vegetarian options?

Yes, the fast food giant definitely already has an impressive lineup of vegetarian options, including tostados burritos, crunchwraps, and tacos. In fact, according to a report from QSR, Taco Bell currently offers more than 8 million vegetariancombinations. Don’t let that statistic mislead you though—it just means you can make a lot of different combo meals so that your taste buds don’t get tired of the same single menu item over and over again.

Currently, there are only 13 designated vegetarian menu items, so this upcoming expansion will be greatly welcomed. This new launch is trying to help Taco Bell highlight the true vastness of its vegetarian options all in one place, while also expanding their current menu at the same time.

How long has Taco Bell offered vegetarian and vegan-friendly menu items?

Since 2015, Taco Bell has offered menu options that are certified vegetarian by the American Vegetarian Association. Perhaps you’ve explored the “Make it Meatless” feature on the company’s app and website? It helps customers customize their menu orders by filtering out meat and dairy ingredients.

“We’ve always been a safe haven for vegetarians because we already have so many options,” Elizabeth Matthews, Taco Bell’s chief food Innovation officer, told CNN. “Many people just don’t know it.”

Whether you’re committed to incorporating more vegetables in your meals or already have a plant-based diet and you’re just in need of more menu items, Taco Bell has got you covered. We can’t wait to see what new menu items roll out.

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