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The physiological golden age period for woman pregnant

Female fertility is a natural right, and also is the greatest liability. Many countries government always advocated giving a birth in a healthy way. So there will be some limited of woman of child-bearing age. It is said that there is only ten golden years for women to give a birth of healthy baby. In this article, you will get much useful information.


1, the ovulation period is generally 30 years

In the whole lifetime of women, there are about 400-500 eggs will mature and be discharged, and 1-2 mature eggs will be discharged each month from women, so the ovulation years is about 30 years. For the physiology rule from the woman, the strongest fertility is at the age of 25, and after 30 years old, it will decreased slowly with the age increasing, and after the age of 35, it will decreased rapidly.


2, the older, the more the uterus disease

God gives women supreme duty is to nurture the next generation. The uterus is pregnancy places, which is also a very easy occurrence of diseased organs. Unfortunately, the women lifetime can be very long, but the female fertility period is only 10 years. As the age increases, the probability of occurrence of intrauterine lesions was added, and these diseases need operation treatment, and even in some cases require removal of the uterus.

It is highly recommended to born a child before 30 years old. If the women missed this time point, it means uterine lesions opportunity will increase, at the same time the possibility the uterus infertility risk will be higher. Although it looks successful IVF technique can change the fate of women, but in fact, the use of IVF conceived the probability of failure is far greater than the IVF successful case.


3, seize the opportunity to born a baby

Although it is better to give birth before 30 years old, it cannot be ignored that many people are not married at this age.

According above introduction, it is easy understood that the older women are more likely to conceive risk, the older the more susceptible to the effects of some gynecological diseases, so that women need to pay attention on their age.


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