Thursday 29 February 2024
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Get virtual with your next challenge


Looking for a new way to push yourself? Mix up your routine with this unique endurance challenge

Fancy yourself a bit of a challenge? Here’s one with a twist: The Conqueror Event Series is launching its inaugural UK John O’Groats Virtual Challenge. Starting 1 October, the 1083-mile event has both teams and individuals complete the longest route in Britain, recording their distances and seeing themselves and others advancing on the map towards the finish line. Sounds exciting, right?
You could take on the challenge yourself or recruit friends, join business groups, sports clubs and gyms to participate in the world’s largest virtual fitness event of its kind. The challenge is designed to help people stay focused and motivated to work out no matter where they are in the world or what form of exercise they do. What makes this event so unique and like no other is the feature that allows you to discover interesting virtual surroundings on Google Streetview after each distance has been recorded. Not only are you breaking out a serious sweat and improving your fitness, you will also have the chance to explore beautiful scenery and disocver something new. For example, challengers unlock personalised virtual postcards as they pass landmarks such as Stonehenge, Sherwood Forest, Edinburgh Castle and many others. 
The map view also shows each individual or team’s position as well as the positions of all other challengers, which builds on the excitement and competitive aspect. There is also a customisable leaderboard to further fuel your competitive side. ‘People find it much more interesting and motivating to visualise their progress towards their real world fitness objectives on a map instead of on boring charts and data tables,’ says Adam EL-Agez, founder of The Conqueror Event Series
The challenge is available online as well as through the iPhone and Android apps. Challengers can log their distances either manually via the app or by connecting through a range of popular fitness apps such as Fitbit, Strava, RunKeeper and Map My Run/Ride with more services expected to be added soon. ‘It’s the perfect tool for people who are training for an event, wanting to set a personal goal or looking for a fun and interesting challenge with friends or colleagues,’ adds Adam. 

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