Friday 24 March 2023
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How to Split Screen in Windows 10 and 11

Windows 11 and 10 desktop backgrounds.

Using Windows 10 and Windows 11’s split screen feature, you can use multiple apps at once on your screen. You can pin apps to the sides as well as corners of your screen. We’ll show you how to use this productive Windows feature.

There are two ways you can split the screen on your PC. One way is to drag and drop your app windows, and the other one is to use a keyboard shortcut. We’ll explain how to use both of these methods.

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Split the Screen on Windows 10
Split the Screen on Windows 11

Split the Screen on Windows 10

To use two apps at the same time on your screen, then first, launch both your apps. Then, bring the first app into focus.

Drag your first app’s title bar (the bar that contains the “Minimize” and “Close” options) to the edge of the side you want to place your app. For example, if you want to pin your app to the left of your screen, drag the app’s title bar towards the left.

Windows will show you what your app will look like when it’s pinned. At this point, let go of dragging, and your app will be pinned at your chosen location.

Drag an app to either side of the screen.

On the opposite side of the first pinned app, you’ll see your other open apps. Here, choose the app you want to use to fill the other half of your screen.

Select the second app.

Windows will pin the second app to the opposite side of the first app.

Split-screen view in Windows 10.

If you’d like to use four apps at once, then drag your first app toward one of the corners of your screen. Then, drag the other apps to the remaining corners and Windows will pin them there.

Four apps in split-screen view in Windows 10.

To use a keyboard shortcut to split your screen, then when you’re inside the first app, press Windows+Left Arrow to pin the app to the left of your screen, or press Windows+Right Arrow to pin the app to the right of your screen.

To pin apps in corners, then press Windows+Left Arrow or Windows+Right Arrow two times. Then, use Windows+Up Arrow or Windows+Down Arrow depending on which corner you want to pin your app in.

Later, to exit out of split-screen mode, click the “Restore Down” option in your app’s title bar. It’ll maximize the app, bringing it out of split-screen view.

And that’s how you work with multiple apps at once using a built-in Windows feature. Very useful!

Split the Screen on Windows 11

If you’re on Windows 11, you can use the same method as above to access the split-screen view. Additionally, you can use the built-in Snap Windows feature to quickly pin your apps to various corners of your screen.

To use it, first, enable the feature by heading to Settings > System > Multitasking and toggling on the “Snap Windows” option.

Turn on "Snap Windows."

When you’re ready to split the screen, press Windows+Z on your keyboard. In your screen’s top-right corner, you’ll see various screen layouts to choose from. Here, click the layout in which you want to pin your open apps.

Select a layout.

Windows 11 will pin your current app in the selected layout. It’ll then ask you to choose other apps to fill in the remaining spots in the chosen layout.

Choose the second app.

You can then work with all your open apps as if they were individually running on your machine. Enjoy!

Did you know you can split the screen on Android, iPad, and Chromebook, too? Check out our guides to learn how.

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