Sunday 24 January 2021
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15 Tricks and Shortcuts for Apple’s New Magic Keyboard

Holding iPad Pro with Magic Keyboard and Trackpad Credit: TalentlessCreative / Shutterstock

At $300, many consumers may be on the fence regarding whether or not it’s worth it. I’ve spent the past couple weeks with the keyboard, and for me, it has been totally worth it.

Depending on your daily use and your budget, its value may vary; and, there may be other third-party alternatives that offer many of the same features at a lower price point. But if you’re looking for a solution from Apple that lets you use your iPad in a more traditional matter, this is a fantastic option.

But since when is the iPad a “computer?” Since early 2018, Apple has been more or less touting the iPad as a computer killer. Some people seem to think that this means Apple wants the iPad to be a computer. I don’t.

I think the iPad, and the recent introduction of iPadOS, signal that Apple has finally decided the iPad isn’t a larger version of an iPhone, but it also isn’t a desktop-class machine. Instead, Apple seems to be positioning it as a device that has a lot of the functionality—and power—of a laptop, with all of the conveniences of a mobile device.

If there’s an indicator that the iPad is growing up, the recent Magic Keyboard and latest Apple Pencil are just that. Nothing about the Magic Keyboard seems like an afterthought, and it opens up the iPad to be used in all-new ways, but only if you know where to start.

There are many features and shortcuts that the Magic Keyboard offers that make using an iPad a well-rounded experience. Continue reading to browse 15 features and shortcuts that might make you consider using an iPad as your primary computer.

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