Saturday 8 August 2020
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Go-To Gyms: CrossFit Squamish

Go-To Gyms: CrossFit Squamish

By Anna Redman

If you constantly endure a behind-the-desk manager who never understands the needs and wants of an average employee (think Bill Lumbergh of Office Space), then you may be reluctant to let those feelings spill out of your nine-to-five and into other areas of your life — like the gym. Thankfully, at CrossFit Squamish, that’s never a concern.

Run by husband and wife duo Heather Bell and Jesse Bifano, this BC-based establishment opened its doors in 2009 and sits at an impressive 6,100 square feet. “As owners, we are still active on the floor every day coaching, programming, and supporting,” reveals Bell. “We take the time to really get to know our athletes and understand their lives so that we can motivate and support them, especially when things get difficult. We’re always available to them outside of training time.”

And that constant support has translated into an unwavering feeling of community among its members. “We have chosen to build a powerlifting team,” explains Bell, sharing how this spirit has come full circle and helped to benefit active supporters in new ways. Powerlifting programming has also become a key element in the facility’s CrossFit training due to its effectiveness at developing true and balanced strength. “The strongman elements are particularly fun because they allow people to use their strength to play with odd objects, like Atlas stones and logs,” Bell notes.

In fact, the Atlas stones, which range from 90 to 320 pounds in weight, are some of their more unique pieces of gym equipment, according to Bell. “We also have a fleet of specialty barbells that come in a variety of shapes to add a dynamic element,” she explains, highlighting another go-to choice.

But regardless of the equipment you choose to use, the motto at CrossFit Squamish remains the same. “We strongly believe that unrelenting hard work is essential to making significant life changes,” Bell explains. “Training your work ethic in the gym translates quickly into regular life and creates a confidence that allows you to see successes you may not have previously thought possible.” A fitter bod, a healthier you, and a confidence boost to boot? Sounds like a winning combination to us!

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