Saturday 8 May 2021
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Go-To Gym: Double Shift Conditioning

Go-To Gym: Double Shift Conditioning

By Anna Redman

For many of us, the days of receiving report cards, turning in papers, and worrying about upcoming tests are nothing but a distant memory. But, it has to be said, school really did teach us a lot. Now, thanks to Double Shift Conditioning, Canadians can reap those same educational benefits without the unpleasant side effects of studying or pulling homework all-nighters.

Offering an all-access pass to more than 55 classes per week, this 8,500-square-foot Saskatchewan gym will meet anyone’s needs and satisfy everyone’s interests. Owned and operated by Crystal Zakaluzny, this educational establishment opened its doors in January 2010 and has been giving its members an unrivalled fitness-based tutorial ever since. “The staff work together as a team to create the best experience for our clients,” Zakaluzny says proudly, “and our clients always welcome new members to classes with open arms, which helps them to immediately feel at ease!”

“We cater to a wide range of clientele,” she continues, which is precisely why the Unlimited Fitness Pass is so perfect. “We love this service. It’s flexible for our clients’ schedules, allowing them to choose the classes, trainers, and times that best suit their training needs.” This schooling sensation lets you take all of your favourite fitness classes and also try anything you’ve ever had your eye on, without the usual financial risk of signing up and hating it.

“We’re always adding new classes,” Zakaluzny reveals when asked about some of Double Shift Conditioning’s upcoming changes. And with new classes comes fancy, fabulous fitness equipment. “We have 25 Keiser M3 spin bikes that we use for spin classes, combo classes, training of teams, and school groups,” says Zakaluzny, noting just one of many examples. “TRX is also very popular. It’s great for all fitness levels, so we can have beginner and advanced clients together in the same training group.” And, of course, watching those with more experience is a big part of how we learn.

So if you’re considering continuing your fitness education, then snag yourself a membership with Double Shift Conditioning for an A-plus experience and an exclusive pass to endless learning.

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