Friday 24 March 2023
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After making it through the school year, midterms, finals, papers and everything in between the last thing you probably want to think about is more school. But before you totally reject the idea of summer school, check out 5 reasons summer school classes are actually a good idea:

You can save money

Oftentimes summer classes are cheaper, especially if you can take a course at a local community college. Plus taking summer classes will help you graduate on time, maybe even early. So you can save money on tuition and living expenses.

It’s easier to get classes

Summer school classes are a great way to get prerequisite requirements out of the way. Some required classes can be a nightmare trying to get into during the regular academic year. But you’ll face less demand for the same courses during summer.

You can get it done faster

Who wouldn’t want to knock out a class in just 5 weeks? Because summer school classes offer the same course in a condensed form, you can focus on the topic for a month and be done. No more trying to remember what you learned 2 months ago.

Smaller class sizes

Summer classes tend to be smaller in size, which means more opportunity for 1:1 learning and access to your professors. This can be a lifesaver in tough classes, where having direct access to the professor can have a huge impact on your grade.

Graduate sooner

Summer is great time to get ahead on school. Taking a few summer classes may help you graduate early. So you can use that free semester to travel, volunteer or focus on your career. The flexibility that comes with getting required courses out of the way will also let you have more free time to focus on other classes and interests during the regular school year.

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