Thursday 7 December 2023
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Scarlett, 10, beats 120,000 to win Living Streets for Moorside Primary

Scarlett Harvey, 10, is the toast of Moorside Primary school as she was named winner of a design competition for the Living Streets charity, beating out 120,000 children people in the process.

Primary school pupils from 340 schools across the country were asked to come up with a design that would showcase local heroes that could be seen while kids walk to school.

Scarlett based her design of a paramedic on her father Paul, who works for North West Ambulance Service.

Her entry reads: “The ambulance and paramedic service represents all our emergency services who work tirelessly to keep our communities safe.” spoke to Scarlett’s dad Paul who told us: “This has come as a massive surprise to all us.

“Scarlett is always doodling at home and shows a keen interest in my job.

“My wife, Louise was at the school assembly on Friday, unaware that Scarlett had won the competition, she thought it was to do with her moving from Year 5 to Five 6 and change of uniform!

“We are both delighted for her and the only problem now is where to place her trophy in a place of honour in the front room!”

Living Streets run the ‘WOW’ project – a year-round walk to school challenge for primary school pupils.

It rewards pupils who walk to school at least once a week with a monthly collectible badge.

Scarlett’s Paramedic design at Moorside in Swinton

500,000 badges based on Scarlett’s design go to pupils nationwide

Scarlett’s design will now grace the cover of more than 500,000 badges, which are made using recycled yogurt pots.

“Scarlett is an excellent pupil and we’re all very proud of her here at Moorside,” said Year 4 teacher Miss Roberts, who helped organise the competition.

“We got lots of entries and whittled them down to three before sending them off to Living Streets.

“We’re delighted Scarlett was able to win, she is a great ambassador for Moorside Primary School.”

Pupils from all over the UK will now be able to collect the Paramedic badge as part of their year-long walk to school project.

Scarlett also won a goodie bag for herself and a prize which will be given to the school: a year’s supply of resources relating to Living Streets.

Living Streets is the national charity that aims to create safe, attractive, enjoyable streets for pedestrians.

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