Tuesday 19 January 2021
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Do 1 Thing This Weekend to Better Your Money


Hi guys!

I want to challenge y’all this weekend to do just *one* thing to better your money, or the wallets of those around you. We talk a lot about theory and strategies and a whole mess of other financial goodness here, but at the end of the day it’s kinda pointless without *taking action*.

So today I want you to commit to doing just one thing that will improve your wealth no matter how big or small. It can be as simple or complicated as you’d like, but you have to make sure to do it, and then come back here and tell us so we can aptly congratulate you ?

Here are some ideas if you have no idea where to begin:

  • Start a budget
  • Revamp your budget!
  • Update your net worth
  • Pay off any lingering bills
  • Make an annoying phone call to FIX a lingering bill!
  • Make a spreadsheet of all your financial info
  • Make an extra payment towards debt!
  • Cancel a subscription
  • Lower a monthly bill
  • Check your credit score
  • Check your credit history (can usually do both in one spot)
  • Research something you keep on putting off (insurance, a will, other boring things)
  • Fill out this spreadsheet and see how far away/close you are to financial freedom
  • Get a filing system in place for your $$$/taxes
  • Take out a $5.00 bill and give it so someone who needs it
  • List out all your financial goals on one paper
  • List out all your financial *accomplishments* so far on a piece of paper!
  • Sell something online/store/yard sale
  • Help a friend out with money advice
  • Test out a new $$ app
  • Donate to a good cause
  • Make up a good cause!
  • Mow someone’s lawn/some other hustle
  • Start a blog on money (highly recommended ;))
  • Go the entire weekend without spending a dollar! Which admittedly is the opposite of taking action, but you can fix that by then xfering over what you normally would have spent into your savings thereby closing the loop.

You can do one of these, right? I’ll also accept any forms of de-cluttering and reorganizing too, but only if it’s something NEW you’re going to do that you weren’t already planning on ? No cheating!

Tell us what you’re going to do below if you already know, or come back later and share your success stories. Again, could be anything big or small – it doesn’t matter. Just do one actionable thing and make some progress!

I want at least 50 pledges, please ? You can do this.



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