Monday 30 January 2023
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Smart Snacks – Summer Edition

smart snacks

Smart Snacks – Summer Edition

How good you feel about your midsection at the beach this summer can be changed for the better if you plan ahead with smart snacks.

Summer months offer a whole host of fruits and veggies that are readily available; they make great low calorie snacks as well.

On the other hand, summer brings more social gatherings and plenty of food that may not be the healthiest choice so how do you prevent yourself from faltering with your better judgement and will-power?

Smart Snacks – Smart Tips:

Whether an athlete or just the average Joe, you want to be making sure that your diet includes lots of fresh fruit and veggies as well as good protein sources, fats and carbs.

When you eat properly you are insuring that your energy is sustained throughout the day making you less likely to nibble.

The best snacks to opt for are ones containing the least ingredients as well as being a whole food, low in calories and low in processed flour and sugar.

Here’s another smart tip that will go a long way: if you are going to a BBQ or social gathering that requires you to bring an appetizer, choose something healthy and nutritious. This way you have a backup plan if everything that everyone else brings is less than good for you.

Smart Snacks – Saving 1000’s of Calories a Week

Choosing to prepare your own snacks from scratch does add a little more prep to your day, but at least you know the contents of what you are consuming. A lot of packaged foods contain; fillers, fats and flavorings and even food dyes all of which leave us tired and unsatisfied leading to you eating more.

If preparing your own food each day is not an option for you, then it is best to select organic or local foods. Although, they may be more expensive, it is important to nourish your body with the highest quality of nutrients and your body will respond appropriately with storing less fat (for more info on this topic read Benefits of Organic Food.

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