Monday 30 January 2023
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Pregnant women can do make up? Pregnant mother beware this point

Every woman would like to be able to dress up every day, and during pregnancy is the same, so there are a lot of people are concerned about pregnancy can make up or not? Pregnant women are also able to make-up, so that can let the pregnant mother’s mood becomes good. And the pregnancy should pay a lot of attention, there are a lot of things which cannot be used, here we give a specific explanation.

1, cannot buy irritating cosmetics, some pregnant mothers pay more attention to the brand of cosmetics, but in fact, pregnant mothers should pay more attention to the composition of cosmetics, and it is highly recommend to choice the mild cosmetics. Some replenishment water make-up is more suitable, this period is best not to use color maintaining products.


2, do not perm and Hair Coloring, most Hair Coloring agent containing chemical substances, and the pregnant mother’s skin will be more sensitive, so with Hair Coloring agent contact may occur after some adverse reactions, headache and swollen face, eyes will be hurt. In addition, in Hair Coloring, will inevitably be used in Perm lotion. Especially after the middle period of pregnancy, pregnant mother’s hair is often fragile and can easily fall off, if used to do hair perm lotion, hair shedding will increase.

3, don’t make strong makeup, because pregnant mother’s endocrine changes, increased pigmentation, prone to spots, some pregnant mother in order to hide stains, is of a very strong makeup. In fact, this is wrong, because in this period, pregnant mother’s skin is more sensitive, the excessive use of cosmetics, will stimulate the skin, cause allergic reactions, resulting in the birth of the baby. Of course, this is not to say that pregnant mothers cannot use any cosmetics during pregnancy, proper use of some lotion or cream can be OK. If the pregnant mother love makeup, yes you can do makeup, and ensure the use of cosmetics does not contain chemical composition, without any side effects.

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