Thursday 30 June 2022
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What Should And Shouldn’t You Eat During Your Workout?

What Should And Shouldn't You Eat During Your Workout?

By Julia Kawamoto, MPH

Choosing what to eat during a workout really depends on what was consumed pre-workout as well as the intensity and duration of the workout. During exercise, the body effectively turns off digestive functions by directing blood flow to the working peripheral muscles and away from the digestive organs; therefore, you’ll want to avoid foods that may cause digestive distress such as those that are high in fibre, fat, and protein. For the average gym-goer who may spend an hour to 90 minutes in the gym, eating during your workout is usually unnecessary, provided you have been properly fuelled before. If you did not eat or you are working out intensely for over 90 minutes, a high-carbohydrate drink with some branched-chain amino acids can give you enough easy-to-digest fuel to get through your workout and is unlikely to cause digestive issues.

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