Thursday 24 October 2019
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Low-Carb Breads That Won’t Sabotage Your Diet

With the rise in popularity among low-carb diets, many people have been reducing the amount of carbohydrates in their meals. When done correctly and healthfully under the guidance of a health professional, following a low-carb diet can offer many health benefits, particularly for those with diabetes. However, it can be challenging to give up certain high-carb foods we’ve become accustomed to, like bread for example. Bread is undeniably a staple of our North American diet, and avoiding this high-carb food is unavoidable in certain dishes. What’s a sandwich without bread, am I right? Low-carb bread is the answer.

Low-carb breads are a great way to help adults and even kids stay on a low-carb diet, by packing alternative-bread sandwiches for school and camp lunches! There’s no reason why kids can’t enjoy the benefits of eating nutrient-dense low-carb foods too. In fact, research suggests it’s a great way to manage the health of young people.

Fortunately, low-carb alternatives are growing in popularity and availability. Combine this fact with a little at-home baking and it’s entirely possible to avoid traditional breads altogether. Many high-carb foods are refined, processed and contain added sugar, additives and preservatives that aren’t good for anyone.

Here’s a quick list of some popular and nutritious low-carb bread alternatives that you can purchase or, even better, bake yourself!

Low-Carb Bread Option #1: Cloud Bread

Simply put, cloud bread’s taste and texture is fantastic. You may never want to go back to traditional bread after trying it—you’ve been warned. Sure it has a fun name, but what IS this stuff really? Cloud bread is a high-protein alternative to bread, made of: eggs, cream cheese, cream of tartar and very little to no natural sweetener. A low-carb, high protein alternative to bread? Sign us up! With the added perk of being freezable, toastable and delectable, this low-carb gift from heaven is a no-brainer for your diet! It’s not widely available in stores, but it’s super simple to make at home. There’s a ton of recipes out there, so track one down on your favorite food blog, bust out that bread pan, and get cracking!

Low-Carb Bread Option #2: Almond Flour Bread

Almond flour is having a moment in the spotlight right now. People are realizing that this versatile ingredient is perfect for cutting the carbs out of your favorite dishes. Most recipes that call for traditional flour can be replaced with almond flour, along with a little tweaking. This applies to bread as well. While low-carb flours like almond flour have a reputation for making things a bit more dry and dense, this can be corrected for by adding more moisture into your recipes. I’ve even been able to make an almond flour version of my grandmother’s classic banana bread with a little experimentation. With a low-carb lifestyle, you don’t have to give up all of the dishes you’ve grown to love over the years.

Low-Carb Bread Option #3: Cauliflower Pizza Crust and Tortilla Wraps

You may have heard about using cauliflower as a pizza crust before, as the trend is incredibly popular right now. But, another trick for this miraculous, nutrient-rich little plant is to turn it into tortilla style wraps. This alternative is a fun and creative way to impress kids and family by transforming an ingredient they think they know everything about! Now you can enjoy your favorite wrap while maintaining a low-carb lifestyle, it’s a win-win! Pro-tip: frying the cauliflower into the shape you desire is the best way to make sure it holds its shape.

Low-Carb Bread Option #4: Focaccia-Style Flax Bread

This is a personal favorite of mine. Not only is this bread one of the most delicious low-carb bread alternatives, a lot of recipes are also a good source of protein and fiber. Flax bread is quite popular for those who are allergic to nuts or follow a vegan diet. If you exercise frequently and try to maintain a low-carb lifestyle, using focaccia-style flax bread as an alternative can help you hit those protein needs more easily than traditional breads.


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